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3 Week Financial Wellbeing Program

What we know about women is that they retire with 47% less superannuation, they are financially more risk-averse than men and they receive, on average, 52 days less pay per year than men. If that's not enough to get a fire lit in your belly - we don't know what is!

In order to help you get your money life in order, we have created a guide for all your financial wellbeing needs!

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The Best Quotes From Season 1 Of Our Podcast

We've got you covered with the best advice from some of the most influential women in the country straight from our podcasts in 2020.

Our guests share their thoughts and insights on topics like money, career, investing and more. Keep this compendium of quotes front of mind as you approach the new year, as a great source of inspiration and advice!

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Your Ultimate Guide To Budgeting For A Baby

What does it cost to have a baby? How much are those prenatal vitamins? How do you approach your employer for flexible options on your maternity leave? How can you open the conversation with your partner about salary-splitting?

We out together this essential guide to pre-baby life to help answer all of those important questions because we don't want women to feel financially "left-behind"!

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